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When the first WHU Euromasters took place in 1997, there were a few hundred students, a rented football pitch and a party at the WHU’s underground parking. No lack of spirit, fun and energy though!

After eighteen years of Euromasters, that picture has slightly changed: over 2000 participants from more than 25 European universities and Business Schools – international sponsors, hundreds of informal chats – six sports disciplines held in a huge coliseum and on the Rhine – hopefully a third “Zubra” and two epic and unforgettable parties, each bigger and better than those you might have ever been to before!

We really can’t wait to see you all again in early November 2016! Work hard, play hard!

The Euromasters Team 2016

3rd, 4th & 5th of November

Hey possible participant

WHU Euromasters is Europe’s biggest sports event for Business Schools with more than 2000 participants. For three days, Students from all over Europe compete in sports, network and party together in three different locations around Koblenz.

Kickoff: a night out in Koblenz. The competitions are held for the next two days and each ends in an epic party you’ll never forget!

We can't wait to welcome you to WHU Euromasters 2016!

Some of the participating Business Schools in the past years:

"Euromasters 2015 exceeded even our wildest imaginations"

Student of the HEC Paris

Variety is everything!


Soccer will be comprised of distinguished men’s and women’s tournaments, with 24 and 12 teams competing for the respective soccer trophies. New this year: The ladies will use a futsal.


As precise serves will lead to strong smashes at the net, volleyball will enlighten Euromasters’ middle court on two fields again this year. 19 teams will compete for the volleyball trophy - can someone take Prague’s crown?


In the basketball tournament, 14 teams will compete in trading baskets and some dunks, too, in order to win the basketball trophy. Get all your supporters lined up at the sidelines to cheer up your squad!

Relay Race

The relay race will lead two men and two women on two consecutive 400 meter laps each on the Rhine river bank. Enlighted by torches, this run should be one of the most cheered up races the runners will experience.


Rowing will take place with eight teams on Friday afternoon on the shores of Vallendar on the Rhine. The boats equipped with four rowers and one coxswain should ensure for exciting 500 meter sprints on the water.


The most anticipated event of Euromasters – two hours full of stunning dancers and spectacular stunts – will again amaze us all on Saturday night. 14 cheer squads will entertain us – prepare to enjoy!


Once again we, the Euromasters Party Team, are thrilled to welcome you to the two parties, you have waited for the whole year! Friday’s theme will be Euromasters Sub Zero – Our Winter Wonderland. So come in your hottest costumes to heat up the dancefloor and melt the hearts of your fellow participants! After a second day of fierce competition you will be able to come back for the closing party and celebrate in unity. The second party will take place Saturday with the theme Euromasters Party Olymp – Gods and Heroes. Once again presented by Bertelsmann! Bring your heroic costumes and divine outfits, transforming our party location into a celebration worthy of the ancient Gods.